An Elf’s Equations Cover Reveal and Kickstarter Campaign

An Elf's Equations cover and Kickstarter campaign information

At long last, An Elf’s Equations is done, and today Dreaming Robot Press launched the Kickstarter campaign. I’m delighted and a little surprised. After all the hard work of making this book, which seemed to take forever, the Kickstarter took flight with head-spinning efficiency. And as of this writing, about six hours after launch, the project is already 24% funded! THANK YOU!!!

An Elf’s Equations is the third novel in my Enchanted Kitchen series and focuses on Sagara, a thirteen-year-old from a high-ranking elf family who is obsessed with math but despises the arbitrary and sometimes cruel rules of her society. However, when her friend Thea, a rare sentient tree called a dodonas and also just a baby, is kidnapped and taken to the nearby Realm of Vanaheim, Sagara finds that she must use all the etiquette her grandmother has been stuffing into her to negotiate with the god-like Vanir, the warring Frost Giants, and even stranger creatures. But rest assured, her math skills also come in handy!

As in A Witch’s Kitchen and A Pixie’s Promise, I’ve put in lots of scrumptious food, including a Viking-inspired feast and a gingerbread house. New in this installment is a bunch of math and logic puzzles that I hope with both challenge and delight you.

In the next few weeks, I’ll talk about some of my inspiration for Sagara and the Realm of Vanaheim, as well as some of the challenges I ran into when writing this book. Please feel free to ask questions in the comments or on my Facebook page.

Readercon 2019

Hello, all! It’s July, and that means it’s time for Readercon! I’ll be in Quincy, MA from Friday, July 12th to Sunday, July 14th. I’ll be spending most of my time in the Bookshop (a.k.a., the Dealers’ Room) selling my books and books by fellow members of Broad Universe. The lovely thing about buying books at the Broad Universe table is that every book there was written by an author present at the convention, so you can get your copy signed and chat with the author. If you’d like a sample of their work, I highly recommend attending the Rapid Fire Reading, at which the authors (including me!) take turns reading for just five minutes. It’s like literary tapas. If you come to Readercon, please stop by the table or one of the following events to say hello.

Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading
Fri 12:00 PM, Salon C

Make a Friend, Go to Dinner
Fri 5:00 PM, Abigail Adams
New to Readercon and looking to meet people, or just in the mood for some company over dinner? Drop by this informal, unstructured meetup to make a new friend or three. Low-key icebreakers will be provided.

Make a Friend, Go to Lunch
Sat 11:00 AM, Abigail Adams
New to Readercon and looking to meet people, or just in the mood for some company over lunch? Drop by this informal, unstructured meetup to make a new friend or three. Low-key icebreakers will be provided.

Reading: Dianna Sanchez
Sat 8:30 PM, Sylvanus Thayer

Autographs: Paul Levinson, Dianna Sanchez
Sun 12:00 PM, Autograph Table

Writers’ Hobbies
Charles Allison, Stephen Graham Jones, Steven Popkes, Dianna Sanchez (mod), Torger Vedeler
Sun 2:00 PM, Salon 4
Writers often talk about the ways their day jobs creep into their writing, but what about their hobbies? Our panelists will discuss the ways their secret and not-so-secret hobbies have influenced their work.

A Witch’s Kitchen is On Sale Right Now!


The algorithm gnomes at have worked their mysterious magic, and right now, A Witch’s Kitchen is just $6.93! So if you are looking for presents to ship to family and friends for Hannukah/Christmas/the sheer joy of it, now is an opportune moment. (You could also get a copy for yourself.) I have no idea how long this will last, so act quickly!

If you prefer to buy your books at a bookstore, I’ll be at the Barnes & Noble in Peabody, MA on December 10, 2018 from 6:30 – 8:30pm to benefit The Room to Write in Wakefield. Many other wonderful local authors will also be there, and what a great opportunity to do some holiday shopping while helping out a great organization that supports local writers.

A Pixie’s Promise Launch Party is TONIGHT at Porter Square Books, 7-9pm

Table display of Dianna Sanchez books

Dianna Sanchez reading from A Pixie's PromiseHere’s a little taste of what’s to come tonight. Before Halloween, I had a private party for my beta readers, critique partners, and wonderfully supportive neighbors. We had a blast, and I’m expecting tonight to be every bit as fabulous, pouring rain and election gloom notwithstanding. I’ll do readings, tell bad jokes, answer questions, and feed everyone cupcakes. I have gift bags for everyone who buys one of my books.

Before you come, PLEASE VOTE!!! If you have to choose between coming to my party and voting, VOTE. (You shouldn’t have to choose – the polls close at 8pm and my party ends at 9pm.) And if you come in wearing your “I Voted” sticker or with a photo of yourself wearing one when you voted early, you are eligible to win one of three giveaway prizes!

So if you live in the Boston area, I hope to see you tonight at Porter Square Books!

Dianna Sanchez reading to audience

A Pixie’s Promise is now available!!!

Copies of A Pixie's Promise in shipping box

They’re here and ready for you to read! At long last, A Pixie’s Promise is available for purchase on Amazon (eBook only until Amazon gets their act in gear), Barnes and Noble, and IndiePub. The eBook is also available on Kobo and iTunes. I recommend that you support your local independent bookstore, where you can order a copy through Ingram. My two favorite bookstores in the Boston area are Porter Square Books and Pandemonium Books and Games, both in Cambridge.

If you’d like a signed copy, my book launch party is at Porter Square Books on November 6th, 7-9pm. That’s right, Election Night, so please vote early and then come hang out and eat cupcakes with me!

Thanks to everyone who helped make this book possible, from my critique group partners to my young beta readers to Dreaming Robot Press, my magnificent publishers. And thanks to my awesome family, who inspire me and put up with all my writing shenanigans. I couldn’t have done it without all of you.