Clarion Write-a-Thon!

ClarionBack in 1995, just a year out of college, I managed to nab a spot in the Clarion Workshop. I will never forget what I learned there. It made me a far better writer. I also made lasting friendships and connections within the science fiction community.

Now I’m giving back. Clarion runs largely on donations, and every year, they run a Write-a-Thon. Writers pledge to write a certain amount of work, counted in words or chapters or hours or edits, and supporters pledge money if those writers complete their goals. I’m hereby pledging to write five chapters of A PIXIE’S PROMISE during Clarion this summer – that is, between June 25 and August 5. My plan is to write one chapter per week, except for the week when I’m off on vacation. I’m hoping to raise $125 from my efforts – that’s just $25/chapter!

But it all depends on YOU, my readers. Can ten of you spare $12.50? Can 125 of you spare a buck? What are you willing to pay to see not only the sequel to A Witch’s Kitchen written, but also to support the next generation of great science fiction and fantasy writers? What is that worth to you? I’m betting it’s worth at least a dollar.

So please, go to the Clarion Write-a-Thon page and sign up to pledge your support, for me and other fantastic writers as we work to support excellence in science fiction and fantasy.

This Blog is for YOU

Hi, all. I have recently been informed by my daughters that this blog is boooooooring and not at all interesting for kids. So I’d really like to know: what would you like me to write about on this blog? What’s fun and interesting to you? Parents, please ask your young readers what they look for on authors’ blogs. As an incentive, I will a send a FREE signed copy of A Witch’s Kitchen to one person who comments on this post. Thanks!

Announcing: A PIXIE’S PROMISE, sequel to A Witch’s Kitchen


Sketch of the cover for A Pixie’s Promise, by my daughter, Nora

I’ve been discussing the cover of my next novel with Dreaming Robot Press, and it occurred to me that I’ve never shared with you the fact that I’m working on the sequel to A Witch’s Kitchen. So for all of you who have been nagging me to write one, rest assured. It’s in progress. A Pixie’s Promise features Petunia as the viewpoint character, with her own unique strengths and problems to overcome. I’m under deadline to turn in the manuscript by the end of the year, and if all goes well, A Pixie’s Promise will come out in August 2018!

Reminder: Reading at Pandemonium Books TONIGHT! 7-9PM with COOKIES!

Quick reminder: I’m reading tonight at Pandemonium Books and Games in Cambridge, sometime between 7 and 9pm. There will be cookies from me and goodies from another author, so save some room after dinner for dessert!

i’m having trouble deciding what to read. Here are the selections I’m considering:

1. The first chapter of A Witch’s Kitchen
2. The mud fight chapter of A Witch’s Kitchen (always a crowd pleaser, but I’ve read it at Pandemonium before)
3. The bonus Cretacia story from the Kickstarter, which I don’t think I’ve ever read aloud
4. My short story “Weeds” from YEAG2017
5. My short story “My Mother the Ocean”, which will appear in YEAG2018

Which one would you like to hear? Please vote in the comments or on my Facebook page.

Drumroll Please! The Lineup for the 2018 Young Explorers’ Adventure Guide Is…

I know, it seems like the 2017 Young Explorers’ Adventure Guide just came out, and here we are touting the 2018 YEAG. Dreaming Robot Press has put together a fabulous collection of stories from amazingly talented authors, as usual. They are:

The Great Broccolli Wi-Fi Theft, by Nancy Kress
The Sting of the Irukandji, by Kristy Evangelista
Polaris in the Dark, by Jameyanne Fuller
Dance Like You’re Alone in Your Environmental Pod, by Eric Del Carlo
Fluffy Pets are Best, by Holly Schofield
Moth Girl, by Abigail Putnam
Station Run, by Sherry D. Ramsey
On the Lam on Luna, by Morgan Bliss
Nocturnal Noise by L.G. Keltner
Juliet Silver and the Forge of Dreams, by Wendy Nikel
My Mother the Ocean, by Dianna Sanchez!!!!!! SQUEEEEE!!!!
The Altitude Adjustment, by Wendy Lambert
After the End, by Bruce Golden
Abduction Assumption, by Stephen Blake
The Smell of Home, by Anne M. Gibson
Blaise of Luna, by Blake Jessop
No Place Like, by William B. Wolfe
Until We Have Faces, by J.P. Linnartz
Anjali, by Rati Mehrotra
Eyes Wide Open, by Deborah Walker
Clockwork Carabao, by Marilag Angway
Safe in the Dome, by Anne E. Johnson
Far from Home, by Dawn Vogel
The Shepherd’s Way, by Barbara Webb Sinopoli

And when can you read these awesome stories? Well, the Kickstarter is scheduled for mid-June this year, and the anthology will be out in January 2018. Stay tuned for more info on the Kickstarter!