All Books Read at the Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading

I ran the Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading yesterday, and it was a total blast! Fourteen members of Broad Universe read from their works and gave away prizes. What is Broad Universe, you ask? In a nutshell, it’s a non-profit organization of science fiction and fantasy writers who identify as female, as well as male-identified people who support female writers. We work together to sell our books at conventions and book festivals, organize readings such as last night’s RFR, and share information and advice.

Several people came up last night and asked for a complete list of the books and readers at the RFR. So here it is, to the best of my knowledge. Broads who were there, please correct me if I’m wrong.

Thanks to everyone who came to hear us read and to all my fellow Broads who tolerated my bumbling.

Resources for the How to Write Diverse Characters panel

For those of you attending Arisia this weekend who plan to attend the How to Write Diverse Characters panel (Sunday, 4PM, Douglas), this is a list of resources put together by our panelists:

Online Resources

Not directly related to writing, but still of interest: How Diversity Makes Us Smarter

Recommended Reading

Our Favorite Books Demonstrating Diversity

An audience member noted that the upcoming Northeast Storytelling Conference is specifically about diversity.

And if you need to find someone to talk to about, well, anything, try

Arisia Schedule!

I’ll be at Arisia, the largest science fiction convention in Boston, Friday, January 13 through Monday, January 16. Here’s my schedule:

Fri 7pm – Geeky Parenting (moderator)
Sat 7pm – Latinx SFF
Sat 10pm – Pitch Mania! (moderator)
Sun 4pm – Writing Diverse Characters (moderator)
Sun 7pm – Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading (moderator)
Mon 10am – What do you mean, 10 and up? (moderator)

If it looks like I’m moderating a lot of stuff, THAT’S BECAUSE I AM. And I’ve never moderated even one panel before, so this is freaking me out a teensy bit, so please come to my panels and lend me some moral support.

I will be selling my books and many others at the Broad Universe table in the Dealers’ Room, so please stop by. I’m offering a special on my books: buy both A WITCH’S KITCHEN and the 2017 YOUNG EXPLORERS’ ADVENTURE GUIDE, and I’ll throw in a copy of MOJO: CONJURE STORIES for free.

I may also make a brief appearance at the Masquerade because I helped judge the Student Writing competition, and they’d like me to be present for the award ceremony. However, the RFR may conflict, and by that point I may also have died a horrible death, strangled by my program. We shall see. I’m working on a costume, just in case…

Hope to see you there!