An Elf’s Equations

Publication date: March 14, 2020.
Second Edition: December 20, 2022

Sagara hates the stupid rules of her elf society. She prefers the logic of math to wrestling with her grandmother’s ambitions. But when a rare sentient tree named Thea is kidnapped, Sagara joins her friends Millie, Petunia, and Max on a journey to the nearby Realm of Vanaheim to save her. Sagara must navigate a complex ritual, ridiculous court etiquette, and wartime negotiations in a world where even the most basic laws of nature have been twisted out of true. Can she find a way to use both math and ritual to save Thea and all of Vanaheim?

Return to the Enchanted Kitchen series, where Sagara and her friends discover that the rules of magic can be bent, just as the rules of Sagara’s own family have bent and broken. Though Sagara would prefer to rely entirely on her superb math skills, she discovers that relying on the support of her friends—and even her family—is just as effective and rewarding.

Math meets magic in An Elf’s Equations, a 70,000-word middle grade novel.