Drumroll Please! The Lineup for the 2018 Young Explorers’ Adventure Guide Is…

I know, it seems like the 2017 Young Explorers’ Adventure Guide just came out, and here we are touting the 2018 YEAG. Dreaming Robot Press has put together a fabulous collection of stories from amazingly talented authors, as usual. They are:

The Great Broccolli Wi-Fi Theft, by Nancy Kress
The Sting of the Irukandji, by Kristy Evangelista
Polaris in the Dark, by Jameyanne Fuller
Dance Like You’re Alone in Your Environmental Pod, by Eric Del Carlo
Fluffy Pets are Best, by Holly Schofield
Moth Girl, by Abigail Putnam
Station Run, by Sherry D. Ramsey
On the Lam on Luna, by Morgan Bliss
Nocturnal Noise by L.G. Keltner
Juliet Silver and the Forge of Dreams, by Wendy Nikel
My Mother the Ocean, by Dianna Sanchez!!!!!! SQUEEEEE!!!!
The Altitude Adjustment, by Wendy Lambert
After the End, by Bruce Golden
Abduction Assumption, by Stephen Blake
The Smell of Home, by Anne M. Gibson
Blaise of Luna, by Blake Jessop
No Place Like, by William B. Wolfe
Until We Have Faces, by J.P. Linnartz
Anjali, by Rati Mehrotra
Eyes Wide Open, by Deborah Walker
Clockwork Carabao, by Marilag Angway
Safe in the Dome, by Anne E. Johnson
Far from Home, by Dawn Vogel
The Shepherd’s Way, by Barbara Webb Sinopoli

And when can you read these awesome stories? Well, the Kickstarter is scheduled for mid-June this year, and the anthology will be out in January 2018. Stay tuned for more info on the Kickstarter!