The entire Enchanted Kitchen series: A Witch's Kitchen, A Pixie's Promise, and An Elf's Equations

Well, keeping up with blog posts while coping with a stay-at-home order, restless kids, and no Internet connection for two days has made this a very interesting week. It also scotched all my clever plans for live Q&A sessions and clever activities. But there is a silver lining! Fabulous photographer Leah Cirker-Stark took this fantastic photo of my books for me. These are hard times for a photographer who usually does portraits, but if you have products that need to look fabulous, I highly recommend her work!

Most kids seem to be settling into a good schoolwork routine, so I’m going to stop posting activities, hunker down and get back to writing A Wizard’s Warning. I hope you all find great, fun, creative things to do at home, and that you all stay safe and well.