Screenshot of video of Dianna Sanchez reading from An Elf's Equations

At long last, An Elf’s Equations is available for purchase on and available for order at your local bookseller! Today is also Pi Day (3.14), so to celebrate both, I read from the book live on Facebook. You can also watch me read from Chapter 1 here.

As I discussed in my previous post, I’m going to start providing activities related to An Elf’s Equations on Monday and every weekday at 11am EDT while schools are closed for the next two weeks. Here’s my schedule of activities for next week:

Monday, March 16: Decorate your room like Sagara’s room! Sagara loves math, and her room is decorated with all kinds of fun math puzzles and diagrams. Check this blog for downloadable activities.

Tuesday, March 17: Fun with Fibonacci! Draw your own Fibonacci spiral, watch videos about how the spiral is used in art, and go find Fibonacci spirals in nature.

Wednesday, March 18: Make your own Thea with downloadable patterns. Recipe for something chocolate.

Thursday, March 19: Secret message! Use a code to find a message hidden in An Elf’s Equations.

Friday, March 20: Live Question and Answer session. I’ll answer questions asked in the comments on Facebook.

So check back here on Monday at 11am EDT for more fun stuff!