I’ll be at Arisia, the largest science fiction convention in Boston, Friday, January 13 through Monday, January 16. Here’s my schedule:

Fri 7pm – Geeky Parenting (moderator)
Sat 7pm – Latinx SFF
Sat 10pm – Pitch Mania! (moderator)
Sun 4pm – Writing Diverse Characters (moderator)
Sun 7pm – Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading (moderator)
Mon 10am – What do you mean, 10 and up? (moderator)

If it looks like I’m moderating a lot of stuff, THAT’S BECAUSE I AM. And I’ve never moderated even one panel before, so this is freaking me out a teensy bit, so please come to my panels and lend me some moral support.

I will be selling my books and many others at the Broad Universe table in the Dealers’ Room, so please stop by. I’m offering a special on my books: buy both A WITCH’S KITCHEN and the 2017 YOUNG EXPLORERS’ ADVENTURE GUIDE, and I’ll throw in a copy of MOJO: CONJURE STORIES for free.

I may also make a brief appearance at the Masquerade because I helped judge the Student Writing competition, and they’d like me to be present for the award ceremony. However, the RFR may conflict, and by that point I may also have died a horrible death, strangled by my program. We shall see. I’m working on a costume, just in case…

Hope to see you there!