Just in time for the busy holiday shopping season, the 2017 Young Explorers’ Adventure Guide is now available from Amazon.com or your local independent bookseller. (Disclosure: I’ve got a story in this.) This remarkable anthology consists entirely of science fiction stories written for kids – mostly middle schoolers but also a little YA. This is unique in the publishing industry right now – no one else focuses on SF for kids, which is a shame because that’s the age of wonder, when children are just starting to really explore their world and all its possibilities. Science fiction teaches kids to ask that all-important question: what if? The ability to imagine what could be is what fuels innovation, from Silicon Valley to civil rights.

So this season, give the young (or young-at-heart) reader in your life the invaluable gift of imagination. I can hardly wait for my copies to arrive: one for under the tree, and one to donate to my daughter’s school library. I’m wishing fervently that I had ordered more during the Kickstarter. There are so many people I’d like to give it to. Off to Porter Square Books I go to order more!