I’m getting emails and tweets from all the folks who contributed to the Kickstarter saying that they’re receiving their copies in the mail today. Thanks again to everyone who helped make the campaign a smashing success!

Now, as they post photos of their new acquisitions, their friends are asking, “How can I get one?” There are oh, so many ways!

  1. If you live in the Boston area, you can walk into Pandemonium Books and Games in Cambridge and pick one up.
  2. If you live anywhere else, you can go to your local independent bookstore. As long as they use Ingram, you can order a copy from them. Even chains like Barnes and Noble can do this.
  3. You can order directly from Dreaming Robot Press.
  4. You can always order from Amazon.com.

Wherever you buy the book, please share your experience by posting a review on Amazon.com!

Thanks, everyone!